Dec 24, 2020 • 52M

Congress' energy bill surprise with Dave Roberts

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Matthew Yglesias
Conversations that aim to bring passion and perspective to the big issues of the day.
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I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the number of people who’ve subscribed to Slow Boring but I don’t want to let early success lead to complacency, so I’m hoping to experiment with more ways to add value to membership.

One idea that seemed like it might make sense is lo-fi podcasts done with other subscription blog writers, so I was psyched to chat with David Roberts of Volts about the big energy bill that somewhat unexpectedly got folded into the omnibus.

Contents include:

  • What’s actually in this bill

  • How “Secret Congress” lets congress actually function sometimes

  • Why the greens’ desires alliance with building trades doesn’t quite seem to come together

  • Some random piano instead of a proper theme song

  • No ads!

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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