Education polarization is only growing

And it's making everyone mad all the time

A Harvard Crimson survey of the incoming Harvard Class of 2025 revealed that 87% of the class voted for Joe Biden, compared to 6.7% for Howie Hawkins and 6.3% for Donald Trump.

It is well-known that young college graduates skew left. What’s interesting about the Harvard data is that it suggests the skew is sharper at more elite schools. And given that this is a poll of people who hadn’t even started college yet, it should help ease concerns that the progressive politics of young grads reflects some kind of professorial brainwashing. Instead, Harvard (presumably not deliberately) is selecting students whose political views are way to the left of the U.S. national average.

The Yale Daily News did a similar survey in 2022 and found that “Nearly three-fourths of respondents identify as ‘very liberal’ or ‘somewhat liberal’” versus 9% conservative and 2% very conservative.

Dartmouth’s 2019 survey showed a class that’s not quite as left-wing as Harvard or Yale but still far to the left of a …

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