Here are some ways to change things

There's more to life than "activism"

A relatively brief item for the subscribers today since we have Jeff Mauer’s hilarious (and informative!) piece on Chad, but I wanted to address the thing that comes up every time I complain about politically counterproductive activists, which is that someone will come to me and be “well you’re just saying we shouldn’t try to change anything at all.”

The fact that I am obviously not saying that and yet people keep deciding to believe that’s what I’m saying has drilled into my brain that there’s a kind of meta-problem here, which is that a lot of folks have convinced themselves that noisy activism is the only modality of political change. I’m not really sure how anyone could have ever come to believe that since it’s so clearly not true, but I think a little explicit discussion of the many, many, many ways that people successfully create change in politics is worth doing.

Changing attitudes via pop culture

This strikes me as perhaps the one that people ar…

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